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Post-apoc­a­lyp­tic car­nage is a re­cur­ring theme on xbox! here’s a quick gan­der at three games that had sim­i­lar­i­ties to the orig­i­nal rage… boR­DeR­iNG oN cRaZy boRDeR­laNDs from the town hubs to the quirky char­ac­ters (and even the menus’ type­face), Rage is indebted to gear­box’s zany rPg-shooter. suiteD aND Re­booteD Doom the Jackal canyon se­quence and mu­tant be­hav­iors would go on to be re­fined in id’s tri­umphant Doom re­boot. PumPeD uP to the max maD max this desert waste­land romp did ‘open world’ better than Rage, so it’s just as well that avalanche is on board for Rage 2.

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