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Chris Burke

This game just keeps on giv­ing for its mil­lions of fans. I love Bat­tle Royale, but as an even big­ger fan of Save The World, I’m re­ally pleased they’ve dropped a new up­date for the PvE too. I can’t wait to get stuck into STW’s new Road Trip event.

War­ren Brown

I sucked at PUBG, even though I spent hours hun­kered down in the dirt or driv­ing an ar­mored jeep. I never sur­vived long enough to get a chicken din­ner.

Fort­nite, on the other hand, I rule at and can’t wait to see what the up­date has in store.

Daniella Lu­cas

While I don’t play it my­self, it’s great to see the ways in which Epic is em­brac­ing its com­mu­nity and pulling the game into the real world with some of these stunts. It makes it all feel like a proper cul­tural event, even if you’re not into it.

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