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Happy Birth­day

Banjo-Ka­zooie has of­fi­cially turned 20 years old! Time to break out the Rare Re­play col­lec­tion to re­visit this clas­sic se­ries to cel­e­brate.

Switch it up

The num­ber of peo­ple you can play Minecraft with has in­creased as the Nin­tendo Switch fi­nally gets an up­date to play with Xbox One.

Lit­tle Events

Sea Of Thieves has been get­ting loads of small, reg­u­lar events re­cently to give you plenty of rea­sons to keep com­ing back. More please!

Dearly de­parted

Amy Hen­nig has left EA af­ter her Star Wars sin­gle-player game was shelved. We’d have loved to have seen her fi­nal vi­sion.

Game ad­dic­tion

Games are be­ing ma­ligned un­fairly in the me­dia thanks to par­ents scared of Fort­nite. We thought we were past all this non­sense.

Not ‘appy

Bethesda is sue­ing Warner Bros, as their West­world mo­bile game is very sim­i­lar to Fall­out Shel­ter. So sim­i­lar it ap­par­ently has the same bugs. Sort it out, WB!

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