What other crazy char­ac­ter de­signs do you want to see in Overw atch?

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“I want a cat in a ro­botic dog suit that shoots snakes out of gun shaped like a gold­fish.” Phil Han­son

“We ought to have a tac­ti­cal kiwi (the bird). Suited up, ready to go, and tac­ti­cal of course!” Nik Kirolov

“Ro­botic go­rilla half and half with spi­der legs on his back and can stun them on the spot with webs and can use those to sense, and the gun will be ba­nana bombs, or maybe mini­gun-ba­nana!” Ernest Tawhi

“Max­i­m­il­ian (from The Black­Hole)... the red ro­bot with the spin­ning blade hands.” An­thony Cutkosky

“A mech suit pi­lot­ing a ham­ster…” Ethan Phillipe

“A snake with ro­bot limbs lol.” Jr Go

“Tac­ti­cal oc­to­pus. ‘Nuff said.” Davie Pack

“Dizzy, the egg wear­ing box­ing gloves, not the Guilty Gear char­ac­ter.” Jamie Ro­driguez

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