“The ocean of Odyssey’s Greece is just wait­ing for you to ex­plore”

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It’s this shift­ing power that un­locks the spec­tac­u­larly cin­e­matic Con­quest Bat­tles. Once Po­darkes’ power is at his low­est, a gen­eral sends Kas­san­dra into a glo­ri­ous 150 vs 150 bat­tle on a beach at sun­set. The sand is a gory, chaotic swarm of swords and shields. A gauge at the top of the screen shows who’s win­ning, and you just need to keep it on the right side of his­tory by slaugh­ter­ing en­emy sol­diers and the gen­er­als who try to get in your way. It’s a thrilling way to prac­tise your god­like abil­i­ties as Kas­san­dra kicks her way across the sands. Fi­nally a ‘hero’ of the op­pos­ing force ap­pears, forc­ing you to beat him in tense com­bat to seal the deal of the bat­tle. Scream­ing “this is Sparta” at the top of your voice as you fi­nally shuf­fle him off this mor­tal coil is, of course, op­tional.

Odyssey then is a game of mo­ments. Vic­to­ri­ously win­ning a grand bat­tle. Avoid­ing be­com­ing a lunch for sharks. Don­ning a new hel­met in­stead of a hood. Even quest mark­ers now show­ing a gen­eral area and let­ting you find mis­sions for your­self means the Creed no longer holds your hand on your way through his­tory. There is no right or wrong way to play here, you aren’t an As­sas­sin ful­fill­ing a sa­cred duty in the end­less war against the Tem­plars. It’s fi­nally up to you, and the po­ten­tial that this of­fers couldn’t be more ex­cit­ing. Ev­ery­thing is, fi­nally, per­mit­ted.

above Acrop­o­lis now: We love the smell of olives in the morn­ing.

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