Tally ho, chaps! We’ve got three Strange Brigade Col­lec­tor’s Edi­tions to give away, plus badges, iron-on patches and post­cards!

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You can’t go ex­plor­ing cursed mum­mies’ tombs with­out one of these! The De­part­ment of An­tiq­ui­ties has given OXM three Strange Brigade Col­lec­tor’s Edi­tions to give away! Each one in­cludes an Ex­clu­sive Steel­book with the game disc, a 64-page hard­back Art Book, bonus dig­i­tal con­tent in the form of a Se­cret Ser­vice Weapons pack and a model air­ship! Yes, some­what awe­somely, you can build your own Strange Brigade blimp, with this 30cm long card­board model air­ship kit! This month also sees the re­lease of the first big bit of Strange Brigade DLC. Not only does the Brigade have some new mem­bers join­ing their ad­ven­tures in the form of Tessie Cald­well and Hachiro Shimuzu, but The Isle of the Dead is the first mis­sion in a new three-part cam­paign called The Thrice Damned! Ex­plore a spooky Mediter­ranean is­land with a for­ti­fied pi­rate set­tle­ment. As al­ways you can play solo or in 2-4 player coop, fight­ing le­gions of evil skele­tons (when are they not evil?)… so put down those cups of tea and get back on the blimp, Strange Brigade!

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