Zom­bies, park­our and a thing called a bat­tle royale mode…

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Here’s that royale word again. Ev­ery­one and their un­dead aunt’s at it, and so it’s the turn of first-per­son park­our zom­bie-hacker Dy­ing Light to leap feet first into the genre with

Bad Blood. It’s an ex­pan­sion for the orig­i­nal Dy­ing Light, and serves as a nice stop-gap while we wait for the se­quel to land some time next year. Billed as a ‘Bru­tal Royale’, Bad Blood is a smaller, more per­sonal af­fair than its PvP cousins, with 12 play­ers at a time fight­ing it out with each other for a place on the chop­per that’s go­ing to air­lift just one per­son out. The time that the he­li­copter leaves – and the evac lo­ca­tion – will serve as the end-game point. Key to mak­ing it out alive is har­vest­ing sam­ples from the in­fected un­dead, and then hunt­ing down the other play­ers to steal their sam­ples from them. Once you have enough sam­ples, you be­come ‘Hunted’ – then you need to get to the evac zone and be pre­pared to fight off all the other play­ers so you can be air­lifted out.

The real joy of Dy­ing Light is in the fluid free-run­ning and slid­ing around the place, and your move­ment here will be key to eva­sion and sur­vival, as you avoid zom­bies and the other play­ers try­ing to steal your sam­ples. To make the PvP com­bat feel more real and bru­tal, the ex­pan­sion brings some new moves to the ta­ble, in­clud­ing par­ries and throws. There are weapons such as swords, ham­mers, scythes and the like to be found, plus a few grenades and throw­able ranged weapons, as well as things like shields.

These are not your typ­i­cal bat­tle are­nas, ei­ther. The densely packed and multi-lay­ered ur­ban en­vi­ron­ments will mean you’ll need to be care­ful of who or what might be lurk­ing around that corner, or ready to jump on you from above.

Blood bother

Dur­ing each match, col­lect­ing sam­ples will en­able you to level up your char­ac­ter. Each time you level-up you will heal fully and your max­i­mum health will in­crease. You’ll also do more dam­age. So, just as scav­eng­ing for build­ing is im­por­tant in the likes of Fort­nite, in Bad Blood col­lect­ing sam­ples of in­fected blood is key. The big­gest trea­sure troves of sam­ples can be found in Zom­bie Hives. These will be pretty tough though; the more sam­ples to be found in a hive, the more un­dead of all dif­fer­ent va­ri­eties you’ll en­counter, such as armed Goons, and tough, smashy De­mol­ish­ers. And all the while some­one, pos­si­bly a ‘friend’ of yours, will be wait­ing to stab you in the back with a big knife and steal your sam­ples.

It’s com­ing to Xbox One hope­fully later this year, and we pre­dict this is go­ing to be a lot of fun, in a re­ally quite vi­cious way.

“It brings some new moves to the ta­ble, in­clud­ing par­ries and throws”

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