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“At my home in Chicago, and ac­tu­ally at my home in Florida too, I have a zero-en­try pool,” Seren­ity’s owner says. “I did that for my kids when they were young. It’s an easy way to get in the pool and splash around.” Those pools start at about 1-inch deep and progress to deeper wa­ter, like a beach — a fea­ture he wanted to re-cre­ate abaft the out­door din­ing area on Seren­ity’s top deck. About 15 feet of the deck’s af­ter sec­tion in­cludes a 6-inch, drop-down step. “That area can be filled up with wa­ter,” he says. “You just keep your chaise lounges right there in the wa­ter.” In that space, as well as in other parts of the sun deck and other decks, he added mis­ters to en­hance the cool­ing ef­fect. “I think I have about 40 mis­ters on my boat,” the owner says. “When you’re sit­ting in this lit­tle plunge-pool area on your chaise lounge, the mis­ters take wa­ter and at­om­ize it re­ally fine and mist you. That will drop the tem­per­a­ture roughly 10 to 15 de­grees. I have them over the hot tub and other ar­eas of the sun deck too. I got that idea be­cause I was golf­ing and my cart had a lit­tle mis­ter in it, and it was amaz­ing.”

The owner plans to use Seren­ity with his fam­ily in the Ba­hamas and Caribbean, where hav­ing sev­eral ways to stay cool is key.

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