Take The Wheel (If There Is One)


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The mod­ern su­pery­acht bridge is a model of min­i­mal­ist sim­plic­ity. Nav­i­ga­tion in­for­ma­tion, en­gine and sys­tems mon­i­tor­ing and a host of other func­tions can be pre­sented on a bank of iden­ti­cal dis­plays. Fly-by-wire throt­tles and di­rec­tional con­trols, such as these on 273-foot (83.5-me­ter) Fead­ship have come a long way from the days of the en­gine or­der tele­graph. Look closely at this photo and you’ll see the ship’s “wheel,” which is about 4 inches in di­am­e­ter and likely rarely touched. fead­ship.nl

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