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true north Maki: Brown rice rolled around crispy salMon skin, av­o­cado and cu­cuM­Ber, topped with torched king salMon glazed with sweet soy and Bell pep­per chutney shi­itake glazed Ja­panese wagyu sir­loin; parsnip purée hinted with pineap­ple sage; grilled toMa­toes Mar­i­nated with rice wine and leMon BalM; BaBy shi­itake MushrooMs sautéed with toasted sesaMe; sake and soy sauce duck egg vanilla Bean crèMe Brûlée

“I spent a year liv­ing with a Ja­panese fam­ily as a teen,” he says. “I picked up a lot of the lan­guage and, ev­i­dently, a strong pas­sion for sushi and Ja­panese food.”

Out­side of the gal­ley, Creighton’s hob­bies in­clude fly­ing down moun­tains on a bike, a snow­board or skis; driv­ing pretty much any­thing (boats, planes, race cars) as long as it’s fast and … yoga.

“I’m sort of an adren­a­line junkie,” he says with a laugh. “That’s where yoga comes in. It cen­ters my en­ergy. I also teach yoga on board from time to time. But that’s all just for fun.” He points to the gal­ley and adds, “This is my pas­sion.” Hav­ing joined the Aphrodite crew a few months ago, Creighton found a pos­i­tive work en­vi­ron­ment. “Morale on board is so high,” he says. “It’s gen­uine. We have a re­ally tight crew, and we work well to­gether be­low deck. Hope­fully it em­anates out­ward to the guests.”

For char­ter in­for­ma­tion: Northrop & John­son, 954 522 3344, northropand­john­, or any char­ter bro­ker

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