Warm up your legs and spine in these prep poses for Parsva Bakasana.

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Parivrtta Utkatasana

Re­volved Chair Pose


Builds strength and stamina in the quadri­ceps and outer hips; gen­er­ates a fierce and pow­er­ful in­ner feel­ing


Stand in Tadasana (Moun­tain Pose) with your feet to­gether. On an in­hale, raise your left arm up­ward; with an ex­hale, bend your knees and hook your left el­bow to the out­side of your right thigh. This is the same el­bow latch you will use in Side Crane. Now bring your hands to­gether in An­jali Mu­dra, press down into your heels, raise your arches, and draw your in­ner legs to­gether. On an ex­hale, pin your left el­bow to your outer right thigh and use this as lever­age to turn to the right and elon­gate your spine from tail­bone to crown. Stay 30 sec­onds to 1 minute. Re­turn to cen­ter and take Ut­tanasana (Stand­ing For­ward Bend). Then, bring your hands to your waist, elon­gate your spine, and rise back to Tadasana. Re­peat on the other side. Fol­low with Adho Mukha Svanasana (Down­ward-Fac­ing Dog Pose), breath­ing into your side ribs and belly.


Sta­bi­lizes the outer hip; makes the lower spine elas­tic; com­presses the ab­dom­i­nal or­gans to in­crease blood flow and lymph flow


Start with your feet 3.5–4 feet apart, right leg for­ward and left leg back. Align heel to heel and come into High Lunge (or set your back knee to the floor). Pin your left el­bow to your outer right knee. Bring your hands into An­jali Mu­dra, ex­hale, and turn your navel to your in­ner right thigh. De­scend your right sit­ting bone as you align your right knee over your right an­kle. Ex­tend through your in­ner back heel and lengthen your in­ner back leg. Stay 30 sec­onds to 1 minute. Re­peat on the other side. Fol­low with Down Dog.


Elas­ti­cizes the plan­tar fas­cia and Achilles ten­don; strength­ens the mus­cu­lar at­tach­ments at the outer pelvis; cul­ti­vates Mula Bandha


Take Tadasana with a wall 3 feet be­hind you; squat. Place your right hand to the wall, fin­gers up. Root through your heels; if they lift, use a blan­ket or rolled mat. Raise your left arm; on your ex­hale, latch left el­bow to outer right knee. Keep your feet to­gether. El­e­vate your spine, spread your right ster­num and col­lar­bone to­ward the wall, and de­scend your right shoul­der blade. Stay 30–60 sec­onds. Re­peat on the other side. Fol­low with Down Dog at the wall, heels el­e­vated 2 inches, to elon­gate the lum­bar spine.

Noose Pose, vari­a­tion Pasasana

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