Parsva Bakasana

Yoga Journal - - Practice Well - Side Crane Pose

Launch your cen­ter of grav­ity up­ward. Air­borne, pin your feet to­gether and spread your toes. Avoid dump­ing into your right shoul­der, which can hap­pen when your right, non-weight-bear­ing arm splays out­ward; in­stead, pull your right el­bow in to­ward your mid­line. Now, ground down through your hands and lift your feet into the full ex­pres­sion of the pose, us­ing the ful­crum of your right leg against your left arm as lever­age. Gaze steadily at the floor 2–3 feet in front of you. Elon­gate the front of your spine from navel to nose by draw­ing your ster­num for­ward to­ward your chin—like the flight of a mi­grat­ing heron. Counter any com­pres­sion on the di­aphragm and sub-di­aphrag­matic or­gans by tak­ing 3–5 short, quick, pow­er­ful breaths in­stead of your usual Uj­jayi Pranayama. Feel the pow­er­ful ro­ta­tion in your lower spine in this sus­pended, “hang­ing” twist be­fore com­ing back to earth. Re­peat on the other side.

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