Calm­ing, en­er­giz­ing, whimsical—there’s a plant con­tainer for ev­ery vibe.

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Teacups, sugar bowls, and mugs: Chives and chervil do well in small con­tain­ers (as­sum­ing 3 inches of depth). “Chervil, es­pe­cially, likes to be crowded,” says Shirey. Bonus if the cup is cracked, which al­lows for drainage. To avoid over­wa­ter­ing, let the plant sit with wa­ter in the saucer for 1 hour, then pour off the ex­cess. “Over­wa­ter­ing kills more plants than un­der­wa­ter­ing,” says Shirey.

Teaket­tles, old-fash­ioned kitchen tins, paint cans, and large to­mato cans: Suc­cu­lents, chives, chervil, let­tuce, and thyme are all con­tenders here—these com­pact plants need lit­tle room for roots. For drainage, Shirey rec­om­mends fill­ing the tin with wa­ter, freez­ing it, then us­ing a drill or ice pick to open 3 to 4 holes that are ¼- to ½-inch in di­am­e­ter on the bot­tom. You can paint your cans, use chalk­board paint to label your plants, or even wrap them in wall­pa­per.

Bas­kets and colan­ders: These come with built-in drainage. De­pend­ing on how tight the weave is, you may need to line them with moss or vinyl win­dow screen­ing (some metal screen­ing may rust) or a co­conut-fiber lin­ing to keep soil in­tact and bugs out. If your bas­ket is deep enough, you can fill it with pars­ley or any of the plants that thrive in tins and teaket­tles.

Cloth bags and purses: These work best as hold­ers for pot­ted plants (and their saucers) that you can re­move to wa­ter and then re­place once the wa­ter has drained. The firmer the fab­ric, the bet­ter its shape re­ten­tion. Add a plas­tic liner to pre­vent wa­ter stains.

Wag­ons and wooden dresser draw­ers: Let­tuce thrives in these low, flat con­tain­ers thanks to its shal­low root sys­tem. As long as there is at least 6 inches of depth, thyme, oregano, and tar­ragon are also can­di­dates, along with plants that flour­ish in smaller con­tain­ers. Drill drain holes in the base, then line the base with vinyl win­dow screen­ing to keep bugs out.

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