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You can grow the plants be­low in con­tain­ers or a plot. Con­tain­ers should be at least 12 inches deep by ⅓ to ½ the height of the ma­ture plant in width. Con­tain­er­grown veg­gies need more nour­ish­ment than those in the ground, where they nat­u­rally get min­er­als and other nu­tri­ents. For con­tainer gar­den­ing:

1. MIX UP A FER­TILE SOIL. Com­bine 1 part com­post with 5 parts veg­etable pot­ting soil, then top with ad­di­tional com­post. “Com­post helps keep the soil moist,” says Shirey. 2. USE OR­GANIC VEG­ETABLE FERTILIZER. It slows drainage, adds nu­tri­ents, and keeps ni­tro­gen lev­els lower so edi­bles can bloom. Look for veg­etable-for­mu­lated fer­til­iz­ers that are CDFA or OMRI cer­ti­fied—Shirey uses Maxi­crop sea­weed. 3. TOP WITH MULCH. Once your plant be­gins to sprout and the weather warms, cover soil with 2–3 inches of mulch to keep it moist. But wait un­til you see green— mulch too early and the soil, blan­keted by mulch, may not warm up.

4. MON­I­TOR MOIS­TURE. Con­tain­ers dry out in hot temps; check of­ten. Avoid over­wa­ter­ing or stand­ing wa­ter.

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