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Al­ter­nate-Nostril Breath­ing Sit tall in a com­fort­able seated po­si­tion, ei­ther on the floor or in a chair. Bring the tip of your left in­dex fin­ger and thumb to­gether in Jnana Mu­dra on your left thigh. This pre­vents dis­si­pa­tion of en­ergy. Fold the in­dex and mid­dle fin­gers of your right hand into the palm. Next, ex­hale all your breath through both nos­trils and close your eyes. Close the right nostril with the right thumb and in­hale through the left nostril, watch­ing the breath travel down to the base of the spine. (The rhythm of the breath should be nat­u­ral.) Close the left nostril with the right ring fin­ger then re­lease the right nostril. Ex­hale through the right nostril, watch­ing the breath travel up your spine and out your nose. Then, in­hale through the right and ex­hale through the left. Con­tinue these cy­cles for up to 10 min­utes, end­ing with an ex­ha­la­tion out of the left nostril.

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