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Bound Side An­gle Pose To come out of Side Plank Pose, re­lease your right toes, place both hands to the earth, and gen­tly swing your right foot in be­tween your hands. On an in­hala­tion, lift your torso and sweep your arms up along­side your ears, com­ing into High Lunge. Ex­hale and twist to your right, bring­ing your palms to­gether at the cen­ter of your chest. Keep­ing a strong back leg, and your front knee over your front an­kle, stay here or go for the bind ( pic­tured), gazing up. Hold for 5–10 breaths, re­lease the bind on an ex­ha­la­tion, and re­turn to Plank Pose. Next, prac­tice Side Plank and Bound Side An­gle on the other side.

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