veg­etable kuku with potato crispies


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From chef Ed­die McNa­mara, au­thor of Toss Your Own Salad “Kuku is like the Per­sian ver­sion of a frit­tata. Or maybe a frit­tata is the Ital­ian ver­sion of kuku? Ei­ther way, this is a de­li­cious way to use pro­duce bits that peo­ple of­ten throw away―potato skins, broc­coli stalks, chard stems―and turn them into some­thing spe­cial.” 6 eggs, beaten 1 tbsp flour 1 1⁄8 tsp salt, di­vided ½ tsp black pep­per, plus 1⁄8 tsp, di­vided ½ tsp bak­ing pow­der ½ tsp cumin ½ bunch Swiss chard with stems, diced 1 broc­coli stalk (hard out­side layer re­moved), shred­ded 1 car­rot, shred­ded 2 tsp olive oil, di­vided 2 rus­set or Yukon Gold potato skins (If you haven’t al­ready eaten the pota­toes, place them in a bowl of wa­ter, re­frig­er­ate, and cook within 24 hours) Heat oven to 400°. In a bowl, whisk to­gether eggs, flour, 1 tsp salt, ½ tsp black pep­per, bak­ing pow­der, and cumin. Add Swiss chard, broc­coli stalk, and car­rot; stir un­til evenly com­bined. Grease a 9-inch bak­ing dish with 1 tsp oil. Add egg-and-veg­etable kuku mix­ture to dish, and use a spoon or potato masher to flat­ten mix­ture so that a thin layer of egg rises to the top. In an­other bowl, toss potato skins with re­main­ing 1 tsp oil, 1⁄8 tsp salt, and 1⁄8 tsp black pep­per. Lay the potato skins in a sin­gle layer on a bak­ing tray lined with parch­ment paper. Bake kuku and potato skins un­til eggs are set and pota­toes are as crispy as chips, 30 min­utes. Top kuku with potato crisps. Serve on its own, or in­side a pita with hum­mus.

NU­TRI­TIONAL INFO 115 calo­ries per serv­ing, 6 g fat (2 g sat­u­rated), 7 g carbs, 2 g fiber, 8 g pro­tein, 577 mg sodium

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