Mod­ify Supta Padan­gusthasana as nec­es­sary to find safe align­ment in your body.

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If you’re un­able to straighten your top leg due to tight ham­strings …

TRY us­ing a strap around the arch of your top foot. Hold the strap in each hand, and move your leg away from your chest un­til you can straighten your leg. A straight leg will most ef­fec­tively stretch your ham­string, so there is no shame in us­ing a strap.

If your lower back feels un­com­fort­able or it’s chal­leng­ing to main­tain a lum­bar curve …

TRY bend­ing your bot­tom leg and plant­ing the sole of your foot on the mat near your sit­ting bone. This should help you main­tain a good lum­bar curve and free you up to move the top leg more eas­ily.

If you feel strain in your neck or it’s hard to keep your head in a neu­tral po­si­tion …

TRY plac­ing a folded towel or blan­ket un­der your head at a height that feels com­fort­able and al­lows your chin to rest in a neu­tral po­si­tion (not tucked in, and not lifted away from your throat).

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