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Yoga Jour­nal cover model and NYC teacher Kat Fowler, shares her thoughts on the city she loves and stay­ing grounded with an en­er­getic teach­ing and travel sched­ule.

Q: What’s your fa­vorite thing about liv­ing and teach­ing in NYC?

A: I love the di­ver­sity and cul­ture here! There are peo­ple from ev­ery part of the world, mak­ing it a global melt­ing pot of in­ter­est­ing cul­ture and open-mind­ed­ness. There are more yoga stu­dios, heal­ing cen­ters and veg­e­tar­ian restau­rants than you can imag­ine, which is per­fect for a city that is so heav­ily fo­cused on work.

Q: How does the en­ergy of NYC af­fect how you teach?

A: Greatly! As a teacher, my job is to as­sess the en­ergy of the stu­dents in front of me at that mo­ment, along with the en­ergy of the day/week/sea­son/weather, and give each per­son what they need to re­turn to a healthy, calm and peace­ful state. New York­ers are no­to­ri­ous for be­ing in “go-mode” all day. When a stu­dent is able to fully “drop in” and leave feel­ing in touch with them­selves, I’ve done my job.

Q: How do you stay healthy and grounded while trav­el­ing?

A: I al­ways bring vi­ta­mins, plant pro­tein powder, my travel yoga mat, some sage, my fa­vorite heal­ing crys­tals, and es­sen­tial oils. Na­ture’s Truth ® has these roll-ons and mist sprays that are great for trav­el­ing be­cause they are so small you can bring them any­where. Be­fore I teach, I med­i­tate for at least 10 min­utes to ground my­self and my en­ergy. Af­ter teach­ing, I love to put pep­per­mint oil on my pulse points and tem­ples to re­fresh and recharge my en­ergy. Ev­ery night I use Laven­der on the soles of my feet to help me un­wind.

Q: What are your happy-in­duc­ing guilty plea­sures?

A: I love NY pizza and Nutella, haha! The yoga com­mu­nity is ex­tremely health­con­scious, but some­times to an ex­treme. As prac­ti­tion­ers we know the ben­e­fit of re­main­ing flex­i­ble, and I be­lieve that ex­tends to the rest of life as well. It is nor­mal, healthy and HU­MAN to in­dulge oc­ca­sion­ally with­out guilt.

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