Ana­hata Chakra (Heart Chakra)

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Ana­hata fu­els your abil­ity to give and re­ceive love. It serves as your main emo­tional cen­ter, which mag­net­i­cally feels, and re­sponds ac­cord­ingly to, your ev­ery thought. When your heart chakra is open and bal­anced, you feel a deep sense of love, grat­i­tude, and con­nec­tion to all be­ings, in­clud­ing your­self—and you are able to see each sit­u­a­tion with love and com­pas­sion. When you are out of touch or closed off to the en­ergy in your heart cen­ter, you might feel sad, re­sent­ful, unloved, or un­able to give and re­ceive love. This can hap­pen af­ter heart­break, or when changes oc­cur within friends and fam­ily cir­cles. THE POSE // USTRASANA Camel Pose If you’re suf­fer­ing through grief or heart­break, your in­cli­na­tion may be to pro­tect your­self and shield your heart from the world. This pos­ture—and back­bends in gen­eral— can help you ex­pand your chest area, gen­tly re-open­ing your heart cen­ter so that you’re able to ex­press and feel love again.

HOW TO Stand on your knees, keep­ing them hip-width apart with your shins par­al­lel to one an­other. Press the tops of your feet down into the earth, and place your hands on the backs of your hips with your fin­gers point­ing down. Ex­pand your chest by lightly draw­ing your lower ab­domen in and up and your shoul­der blades to­ward one an­other. Lift up­ward to lengthen your spine as you start to bend back­ward. You may even grasp your heels with your hands, us­ing the fixed grip to lift and open your chest even more. Stay here for 5–8 slow, deep breaths.

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