Visud­dha Chakra (Throat Chakra)

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Visud­dha is the en­ergy cen­ter of com­mu­ni­ca­tion and ex­pres­sion. It al­lows you to con­nect with your life’s pur­pose and ex­press it to the world. It is how you share your thoughts and feel­ings with oth­ers, and how you speak your truth. When this cen­ter is in bal­ance, you speak ef­fort­lessly with wis­dom and hon­esty. When it is blocked—which can hap­pen when some­thing shifts in your life, when you’re feel­ing un­sure, or when you don’t voice how you truly feel— your throat and neck might feel tight or strained, and you may (lit­er­ally) have a hard time speak­ing up for your­self and ex­press­ing your be­liefs. THE POSE // MATSYASANA Fish Pose This pose stretches and stim­u­lates your neck and throat mus­cles—and the glands that reg­u­late me­tab­o­lism and hor­monal lev­els. Phys­i­cally stretch­ing and length­en­ing the front of your neck brings fresh cir­cu­la­tion to throat tis­sues and al­lows en­ergy to flow more freely within your throat chakra.

HOW TO Lie on your back with your legs to­gether, fore­arms close to your body. Be­gin lift­ing your rib cage and chest to­ward the sky while al­low­ing your head to re­lax back­ward. Gen­tly lift and place the crown of your head on your mat, draw­ing your shoul­der blades to­gether to ex­pand and broaden your chest and throat. Stay here for 5–8 slow, deep breaths.

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