Ajna Chakra (Third Eye Chakra)

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The space be­tween your eye­brows—a.k.a. the third eye— is your cen­ter of in­tu­ition and in­sight. Dur­ing times of change, you may ex­pe­ri­ence a lack of clar­ity or trust in your­self, re­sult­ing in dis­con­nec­tion from your third eye cen­ter. Ex­ces­sive mind chat­ter is a sig­nal this cen­ter is out of bal­ance. THE POSE // PASCHIMOTTANASANA Seated For­ward Bend The prac­tice of fold­ing for­ward can help still your mind, as fold­ing into your­self is nat­u­rally in­tro­spec­tive. In Paschimottanasana, you can stim­u­late the third eye by plac­ing your fore­head against your legs. If this is chal­leng­ing, bend your knees or rest your fore­head on a block.

HOW TO Sit tall in Dan­dasana (Staff Pose) with your legs drawn to­gether, feet flexed. Shift your weight to the front of your sit­ting bones so your pelvis tilts for­ward. Lengthen your spine and gen­tly fold for­ward over your legs, let­ting your head and neck re­lax. Hold onto your feet to cre­ate length in your spine, bend­ing your knees as much as needed to get there. As you be­gin to re­lax, bring your in­ner gaze to your third eye. Be­come com­pletely aware of each sen­sa­tion that comes to the sur­face as a re­sult of the light pres­sure you’ve placed on your third eye. Stay here for at least 10 slow, deep breaths.

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