Sa­has­rara Chakra (Crown Chakra)

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This en­ergy cen­ter helps you con­nect with the di­vine, en­abling you to feel higher states of con­scious­ness. When sa­has­rara is bal­anced, you may ex­pe­ri­ence a state of bliss­ful union with the uni­verse; when im­bal­anced, you may feel closed off or cyn­i­cal. In the face of tough tran­si­tions and chal­lenges—like go­ing through a di­vorce or los­ing a loved one—you may be­come en­er­get­i­cally closed off from your crown chakra as you shield your­self from the pain of the ex­pe­ri­ence. When you’re able to re­mem­ber that all things are hap­pen­ing for you, not to you, you can re­move some of your cyn­i­cal ar­mor and al­low your­self to en­er­get­i­cally re­con­nect with the di­vine.

THE POSE // SALAMBA SIRSASANA Sup­ported Headstand Your crown chakra is lo­cated above your head but orig­i­nates from the crown. It can be stim­u­lated through med­i­ta­tion and cer­tain pos­tures that cre­ate a light sense of pres­sure in that re­gion. Headstand nour­ishes your head with fresh oxy­gen and blood to help stim­u­late, bal­ance, and soothe this en­ergy cen­ter.

HOW TO Bring your fore­arms to the ground with your el­bows no wider than shoul­der width. Gen­tly in­ter­lace your fin­gers and place the crown of your head on the ground with your hands cradling the back of your head. Draw your shoul­der blades up your back to cre­ate a strong foun­da­tion and a long neck. Then, straighten your legs and slowly be­gin to walk your feet in as close to your body as pos­si­ble. Stay here, or lift your legs one at a time to stack them above your torso. Breathe here for at least 5 breaths. When you’re fin­ished, rest in Balasana (Child’s Pose).

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