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To find safe shoul­der align­ment in Chat­u­ranga, make a strap loop sev­eral inches wider than your shoul­ders. Put the strap above your el­bows and come into Plank Pose, splay­ing your el­bows to pre­vent the strap from fall­ing. Prac­tice Tadasana ac­tions: root down with your big-toe mounds, lift the tops of your thighs, and re­lease your tail­bone down. Then, ex­hale to bend your arms, pulling your chest for­ward and push­ing your heels back, mov­ing into Chat­u­ranga with the strap sup­port­ing your ribs. Your shoul­ders should be in line with your sides—Tadasana shoul­ders!

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