If you have ab­dom­i­nal pain or are preg­nant …

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mov­ing to your hands and knees and lift­ing one leg at a time. Place your hands be­low your shoul­ders, knees un­der your hips. Keep the top of your right foot in gen­tle con­tact with the floor and slide it back along your mat. As your leg ex­tends, raise it up slowly, reach­ing and length­en­ing back through your toes. Imag­ine you are try­ing to touch a wall be­hind you with your toes but it’s just out of reach. Square your hips. Main­tain good con­trol of your ab­dom­i­nals in or­der to pro­tect and strengthen your low back. Hold for 2–5 breaths. To exit, lower your leg and keep ex­tend­ing back through your toes un­til they touch the floor. Re­peat the same ac­tions with the other leg. Re­peat 3 times on each side, al­ter­nat­ing legs.

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