If you feel dis­com­fort in your back, neck, or shoul­ders …

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TRY rais­ing your head and shoul­ders while keep­ing your legs and feet on the floor. Lengthen through the top of your head and reach back through your toes to elon­gate your en­tire body. Slowly raise your head and shoul­ders un­til you reach a height where your back mus­cles feel ac­tive with­out pain or dis­com­fort. Hold for 5 breaths. If you feel any pain, back out of the pos­ture un­til the sen­sa­tion is re­lieved, or exit the pose com­pletely.

TRY rais­ing your legs with your chin and chest on the floor. This mod­i­fi­ca­tion has sim­i­lar ben­e­fits to the one at left: try them both to see how they feel in your body. Keep your chin gen­tly con­nected to the floor, and elon­gate through the top of your head and back through the tips of your toes. Be­gin rais­ing your legs slowly with­out bend­ing your knees. Height is se­condary to the length­en­ing of your legs. Keep your fo­cus on ac­ti­vat­ing your back mus­cles and ab­dom­i­nals. Let your legs find a nat­u­ral height where you feel like you're work­ing but not strain­ing. Hold for 5 breaths

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