Strengthen your back and core and im­prove bal­ance with these prep poses for Mayurasana.

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PURVOTTANASANA Up­ward Plank Pose BEN­E­FITS Strength­ens your core, back, neck, and arms; in­creases flex­i­bil­ity in your shoul­ders and hips IN­STRUC­TION Sit on your mat with your legs fully ex­tended in front of you. Once in the pose, your shoul­ders should be di­rectly above your wrists: To find the cor­rect hand place­ment, put your hands on the floor near your hips, then bend your el­bows back, tak­ing them to the floor so that you’re lean­ing on your hands, fore­arms, and el­bows. Now lift both of your el­bows by shift­ing your weight slightly for­ward and press­ing your hands down. Place the heels of your hands where your el­bows were rest­ing, palms pressed firmly to the floor, fin­gers spread wide. Straighten your arms. Your hands should be shoul­der­width apart be­hind your hips. Press your hips up un­til your shoul­ders are di­rectly above your wrists. Take your head back with­out let­ting it sag to the floor. Fo­cus on length­en­ing your neck and gen­tly gaze at your nose. Press the soles of your feet down­ward. Hold for 2–5 breaths.

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