A Yogic Self-Test for Range of Mo­tion

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UDDIYANA BANDHA Up­ward Ab­dom­i­nal Lock This chal­lenges your tho­racic spine and rib cage to use their full ranges of mo­tion at the cos­tover­te­bral joints. The mo­tion takes the ribs to their most el­e­vated state, caus­ing the di­aphragm to stretch lat­er­ally. HOW TO

Stand with your feet slightly apart, eyes open. In­hale deeply through your nose, then ex­hale quickly and forcibly through your nose. Fully con­tract your ab­dom­i­nal mus­cles, push­ing as much air as pos­si­ble out of your lungs; then re­lax your ab­dom­i­nals. Per­form what’s called a mock in­hala­tion by ex­pand­ing your rib cage as if you were in­hal­ing, but don’t ac­tu­ally do so. This pulls the ab­dom­i­nal mus­cles up into the rib cage and cre­ates a con­cave shape re­sem­bling an um­brella within the rib cage. Come into Ja­land­hara Bandha (Chin Lock). Hold for 5–15 sec­onds, then slowly let your belly de­scend, in­hal­ing nor­mally. Note: Per­form this only on an empty stom­ach and only af­ter an ex­ha­la­tion. If you’re preg­nant, it’s OK to prac­tice Uddiyana Bandha if you did so reg­u­larly be­fore your preg­nancy.

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