Mula Bandha & Ud­diyana Bandha

PASCHI­MOT­TANASANA Seated For­ward Bend

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From One-Legged King Pi­geon Pose, press your hands into the floor to lift your hips. Swing your legs out to come to a seated po­si­tion with your legs straight in front of you and your but­tocks on a folded blan­ket. Lengthen your spine, and tilt your pelvis a bit for­ward or back­ward un­til you feel a con­nec­tion be­tween the cen­ter of your pelvic floor and your cen­tral chan­nel. Ex­hale, and re­lease the outer edges of your pelvic floor. In­hale, and feel how the prana flows up and into the cen­tral chan­nel (Mula). On your next in­hala­tion, ex­pand your rib cage in all direc­tions. Ex­hale and feel that en­ergy mov­ing up higher, up­ward through your core (Ud­diyana) as you bend for­ward from your hips. Keep length in your spine, and reach for­ward to hold your big toes. Stay for 5 breaths, main­tain­ing a con­nec­tion to the en­ergy flow within the cen­tral chan­nel, which moves up with each breath.

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