Yoga Journal - - HOME PRACTICE -

From Table­top, take your right foot be­tween your hands. With your right knee more or less above your right heel, slide your left leg back (tak­ing care to pad your back knee with a blan­ket) and al­low your hips to sink down. Then, spend 1 minute in each of the fol­low­ing vari­a­tions on your right side, rest in Child’s Pose for 1 minute, and re­peat each vari­a­tion on your left side.

A In­side Dragon Move your right hand to the in­side of your right foot. You can place your hands on blocks, keep your hands on the floor, or con­sider low­er­ing your fore­arms to the floor. Your right knee and foot may move to the right as well.

B Twisted Dragon From In­side Dragon, keep your left hand on the floor, take your right hand to your right knee, and twist your torso to the right. Your right knee can drift to the right here—it doesn’t need to stay di­rectly over your heel.

C Gecko Move back to In­side Dragon vari­a­tion, then walk your right foot for­ward so that your right heel is in front of your right knee. How far you take your right foot for­ward will de­pend on how much sen­sa­tion you feel. You can re­main on your hands or lower your fore­arms to the floor.

Tar­get ar­eas: hip flex­ors (back legs), ad­duc­tors, ham­strings (front legs) and outer hip (front legs).




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