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Place 3 folded blan­kets ver­ti­cally up the cen­ter of your mat, stairstep­ping the short edges, and place 2 blocks side by side at the foot of your mat with a rolled-up blan­ket on top (to rest your feet on). Start on all fours, and lower your­self onto the blan­kets—as if ly­ing on a surfboard. Your pelvis, torso, and head should be sup­ported by the blan­kets, with your kneecaps on the ground or on your mat (add sup­port here if needed) and the tops of your feet on the blan­ket roll. Turn your head to one side with your arms rest­ing on the ground in the shape of a cac­tus. Let your whole body fall into the blan­kets so that you feel com­fort­able, sup­ported, and re­laxed. Take slow, long breaths. Ev­ery few min­utes, turn your head to the other side. To exit, bring your hands be­low your shoul­ders, gen­tly firm your belly, and press up to all fours. Slowly come to sit­ting.

The ben­e­fits Surfboard is phys­i­cally and emo­tion­ally ground­ing and sooth­ing. It is a pose that feels pro­tec­tive of your vul­ner­a­ble or­gans, which al­lows you to re­lease ten­sion in your belly and ex­pand your breath into your back. When you ex­hale, give your­self per­mis­sion to al­low the props and the ground to fully hold you. This builds the foun­da­tion you need to be­gin to grow present, to re­lease the way you hold your ten­sion, and to cre­ate space for your­self in your body and mind.

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