Yuma Bike Map : 2020-05-01

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Centennial Colorado River State Historic Park Legend Yuma Territoria­l Prison State Historic Park WETLANDS PATH Gateway Park Riverside Park BIKE ROUTE Bike Rentals E A S T W ET L A N D S PA T H Pacific Avenue Athletic Complex BIKE LANE Heritage Library Park Parks Armed Forces Park 4th Street BIKE PATH Hospital 6th Street Libraries 7th Street Urgent Care Public Restrooms Roxaboxen Park Public Parking * Map not to scale Yuma Palms Regional Shopping Center 16th Street 17th Street 19th Street TO THE FOOTHILLS 20th Street 22nd Street Kennedy Memorial Park Sanguinett­i Memorial Park 25th Street Palo Verde Street 28th Street Catalina Drive lly Ho Yuma Conservati­ve Garden 32nd Street Yuma Internatio­nal Airport Marine Corps Air Station

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