Draper Fire un­der 50 per­cent con­tain­ment


Im­pe­rial County, Calif. — A fire caused by light­en­ing two days ago near Draper Lake in Im­pe­rial County, Calif. has reached 50 per­cent con­tain­ment as of Thurs­day af­ter­noon

Ac­cord­ing to the Im­pe­rial Na­tional Wildlife Refuge news re­lease, the fire is lo­cated be­tween Wal­ter’s Camp and one mile north of Draper Lake-Im­pe­rial Wildlife Refuge on the Cal­i­for­nia Side of the Colorado River.

The fire was re­ported on Tues­day, Sept, 12 at 10 a.m. PST. Presently, the Im­pe­rial Na­tional Wildlife Refuge re­ports that the to­tal perime­ter of the fire is ap­prox­i­mately 876 acres.

Agen­cies that are in­volved in the sup­pres­sion of the fire in­clude the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Ser­vice, Bu­reau of Land Man­age­ment, Im­pe­rial County Fire and Ari­zona Depart­ment of Forestry.

Re­sources avail­able to bat­tle the fire in­clude four en­gines, one bull­dozer, two hand crews, four fire boats and ten over­head per­son­nel. Cur­rently, the fire is at 50 per­cent con­tain­ment, the re­lease shows.

Re­sources and struc­tures threat­ened by the fire in­clude the com­mu­nity of Watler’s Camp. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Ser­vice re­port states that a “dozer” line was con­structed to pro­tect th­ese and other struc­tures.

Pri­mar­ily, fire con­tain­ment ef­forts are along the north­ern por­tion of the fire near Wal­ter’s Camp.

The news re­lease showed that a hand line has been put in place on the south­ern flank of the fire, and the rate of spread has stopped.

Mop-up op­er­a­tions are oc­cur­ring on both sides, the re­lease states. While the western flank of the fire con­tin­ues to burn, it is di­min­ish­ing with less avail­able fuel load, the Im­pe­rial Na­tional Refuge re­ports.

Spot fires have oc­curred on such ar­eas as the Ari­zona Side of the Ci­bola Na­tional Wildlife Refuge. Fire be­hav­ior is listed by the re­fufge as mod­er­ate to ex­treme. No in­juries have been re­ported. Veg­e­ta­tion in the area is pri­mar­ily salt and cedar phrag­mites.

The Im­pe­rial Na­tional Wildlife Refuge news re­lease states that the river re­mains open but river users are asked to use ex­treme cau­tion in the area.

The Im­pe­rial Na­tional Wildlife Refuge can be reached by call­ing (928) 783-3371. Wildlife

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