Last year was very eventful. Just look at such projects as MUIC and «Safe City». But, in spite of these big steps, we still have a lot of work to be done so that the ICT sector really starts yielding measurable outputs.

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To date, the Internet in Uzbekistan is used by 20 million people, and the number of users is growing every day. However, quality, cost, and speed of access to the network still need to be reconsidered. The average speed of Internet connection in the CIS countries is 10 times higher than in our country. Yet in 2018 it is planned to increase the speed by at least twice, but is this a big enough leap?

«Our Internet remains one of the most expensive in the CIS. The speed is also very low. In addition, in recent months, voice services have been blocked on major international messengers. To some it may seem insignificant, but in fact, this state of affairs seriously hinders the development of entrepreneurship and, as a whole, integration into the world community. While the mediaadvanced news pages discusses Internet of Things (IOT), analytics of big data and cloud technologies, and while developing countries draft strategies for digitalization of the economy, most of our citizens in the regions either do not have access to the Internet, or they are forced to shut it down during the day so as not to load megabytes of information and save Internet traffic. Hopefully, after the president’s criticism the situation will radically change».


The «Safe City» project is still actively being scaled up and this is only the first

Aziza Umarova, Executive Director of Smartgov.consulting:

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