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Hand­made sou­venirs are al­ways unique, that’s why they are very at­trac­tive for for­eign tourists. Es­pe­cially if these sou­venirs are made ac­cord­ing to the canons of cen­turies-old tra­di­tions and cus­toms. There are a lot of such in Uzbek­istan: ce­ram­ics, fab­rics, chas­ing, prod­ucts made with wood carving. But the mar­ket re­quires di­ver­sity. Among tourists, there is a great de­mand for goods that have be­come a prod­uct of cre­ative imag­i­na­tion. These prod­ucts are not enough in our mar­ket. But the sit­u­a­tion, ap­par­ently, is chang­ing.

Re­cently it be­came known that a pri­vate en­ter­prise Ay­dos Diy­or­bek in the Kan­lykul district of Karakalpak­stan be­gan pro­duc­ing cans with air of the Aral Sea as sou­venirs. The cans read “The Air of the Aral Sea Re­gion” and de­pict the once the fourth largest lake in the world from a satel­lite. The man­u­fac­turer notes that a tourist who has bought a sou­venir will take with him not only the air, but also mem­o­ries of the Aral Sea and Karakalpak­stan. Sou­venirs with air are sold in dif­fer­ent coun­tries and cities around the world and are very pop­u­lar with tourists. The pre­served air of the Aral re­gion, of course, will also find de­mand in the sou­venir mar­ket.

At the same time, the spe­cial­ists of the State Com­mit­tee for Tourism De­vel­op­ment tire­lessly in­sist that Uzbek­istan needs new pro­duc­ers of sou­venirs, and the most di­verse. The state pro­vided great ben­e­fits to en­trepreneurs who will work in this di­rec­tion.

The pro­duc­tion of sou­venirs is a rather promis­ing area of ac­tiv­ity. Such prod­ucts are in de­mand even in dif­fi­cult eco­nomic con­di­tions be­cause peo­ple never spare money for gifts to rel­a­tives and close peo­ple. If you want to open pro­duc­tion of sou­venirs as a busi­ness, you need to un­der­stand more in all its nu­ances.

Where to be­gin? Be­fore open­ing the pro­duc­tion of sou­venirs, you should de­ter­mine the goals. It is im­por­tant to un­der­stand: will this em­ploy­ment be­come a source of ad­di­tional in­come for you, or do you want to make it your main ac­tiv­ity? In ad­di­tion, you need to know if you will be sell­ing sou­venirs at re­tail in a small store or you are more in­ter­ested in large orders from dif­fer­ent com­pa­nies and en­ter­prises.

At first, to not spend money on rent­ing a room, you can work at home. In this case, you can­not register your busi­ness and, ac­cord­ingly, do not pay taxes. When busi­ness starts to de­velop, it is de­sir­able to open an LLC or a pri­vate firm. Due to this you will get the op­por­tu­nity to en­ter into con­tracts for the sup­ply of goods with cor­po­rate en­ti­ties. This line of busi­ness is not li­censed, so you do not have to get any ad­di­tional per­mits and ap­provals. To save money at the start, you can first work in the garage or any other heated room.

For the pro­duc­tion of sou­venirs can use dif­fer­ent ma­te­ri­als. Prod­ucts made of acrylic strongly re­sem­ble am­ber or­na­ments. They are pro­duced in two ways: me­chan­i­cal and cast­ing. The first method is used for the pro­duc­tion of tomb­stones and lo­gos. The fill­ing method al­lows you to place dif­fer­ent ob­jects in­side the ma­te­rial. As a re­sult, un­usual orig­i­nal sou­venirs are ob­tained.

Metal prod­ucts are al­ways in high de­mand. But their man­u­fac­ture is a la­bo­ri­ous process that re­quires cer­tain skills. Sou­venirs are made of brass, alu­minum or bronze. Fin­ished prod­ucts are pol­ished, af­ter which they are dec­o­rated with en­grav­ing, en­crus­ta­tion or enamel. Stones are usu­ally used for mak­ing eth­nic sou­venirs. The mas­ter must fully ex­pe­ri­ence the ma­te­rial in or­der not to dis­turb the nat­u­ral pat­tern. Such work re­quires great pa­tience.

Glass sou­venirs are made us­ing a com­plex in­no­va­tive tech­nol­ogy, con­sist­ing of sev­eral stages. The great­est de­mand is for laser art de­sign and images on glass.

Masters who have al­ready worked with wood can eas­ily make cus­tom-made sou­venirs. On orig­i­nal prod­ucts from a nat­u­ral tree it is pos­si­ble to earn de­cent money.

Busi­ness sou­venirs are the most se­ri­ous and re­spon­si­ble busi­ness. Such prod­ucts should carry a max­i­mum of use­ful in­for­ma­tion. The pro­duc­tion of sou­venirs with a logo must be treated very re­spon­si­bly, since it is a mar­ket­ing move of the com­pany. To cor­po­rate cus­tomers are sat­is­fied, it is nec­es­sary to em­ploy an ex­pe­ri­enced mas­ter and pro­fes­sional de­signer. Such sou­venirs can be made from any ma­te­ri­als - stone, glass, wood and other.

So, ahead with the cre­ative works!

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