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An ex­hi­bi­tion-fair of agri­cul­tural ma­chin­ery has been or­ga­nized in Sa­markand.

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Par­tic­u­lar sig­nif­i­cance is at­tached to­day in our coun­try to the wide­spread in­tro­duc­tion of modern tech­nol­ogy and equip­ment in agri­cul­ture. When im­ple­ment­ing com­pre­hen­sive mea­sures to im­prove pro­duc­tion and ser­vice in the field, the de­vel­op­ment of do­mes­tic agri­cul­tural en­gi­neer­ing is re­garded as an ur­gent task.

“Ob­so­lete equip­ment and tech­nolo­gies used in agri­cul­ture af­fect the ef­fi­ciency of work,” said El­shod Us­monov, chief spe­cial­ist of Uza­grotekhsano at hold­ing Join­tS­tock Com­pany. “There­fore, the sys­tem of agri­cul­tural en­gi­neer­ing has been re­or­ga­nized. As a re­sult, in 2017, the vol­ume of pro­duc­tion of agri­cul­tural ma­chin­ery and leas­ing ser­vices in­creased 1.7 times, those of ser­vices for mech­a­niza­tion – 2.5 times. At the same time, ac­cel­er­ated work is un­der­way to en­sure the in­dus­try in our coun­try pro­duces high-qual­ity and af­ford­able equip­ment, with tech­nol­ogy parks up­dated and their timely ser­vice or­ga­nized. This ex­hi­bi­tion is aimed at fa­mil­iar­iz­ing farm­ers, senior man­age­ment of agri­cul­tural en­ter­prises with modern tech­nol­ogy and ma­chin­ery. “We grow cot­ton and grain on 40 hectares of land,” says As­ror Ab­dulkosi­mov, head of the As­ror Hosil­dor Zamin farm in the Akdarya dis­trict. “Our equip­ment is out­dated, which has a neg­a­tive im­pact on the qual­ity and ef­fi­ciency of work. At the ex­hi­bi­tion-fair we’ve got ac­quainted with the ca­pac­i­ties of the modern equip­ment on dis­play, and de­cided to pur­chase a TTZ 100NS trac­tor.”

At the event, par­tic­i­pants had the op­por­tu­nity to be­come closely ac­quainted with the var­i­ous brands of trac­tors and com­bines of high pro­duc­tiv­ity used in agri­cul­ture, pneu­matic seed­ers, and con­ve­nient equip­ment for lev­el­ing the land and land recla­ma­tion us­ing a laser. In to­tal, about 20 con­tracts for the pur­chase of equip­ment and mech­a­niza­tion were signed dur­ing the ex­hi­bi­tion.

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