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The Di­rec­torate for Roads of Vieät Nam has called for the re­moval of out­dated speed signs along high­ways across the coun­try by next month.

HAØ NOÄI — - The Di­rec­torate for Roads of Vieät Nam (DRVN) has asked agents and trans­port de­part­ments across the coun­try to re­move all ir­ra­tional road signs along high­ways by the mid­dle of next month.

The move was made af­ter the trans­port min­is­ter ap­proved the DRVN’s re­quest to change the speed limit signs from 25, 30 and 35km per hour to 40kmph last month.

For years, speed limit signs be­tween 25 and 35kmph were said to be slow­ing down traf­fic and frus­trat­ing driv­ers. Some peo­ple even com­plained that these were just booby traps to give driv­ers speed­ing tick­ets.

In the first three months of 2014, the DRVN in­structed its sub­or­di­nate agents to make changes to 206 traf­fic signs, in­clud­ing 66 speed limit signs and 140 signs in res­i­den­tial ar­eas.

Direc­tor Gen­eral of DRVN, Nguyeãn Vaên Huyeän said that by the end of last month, all un­der40 kmph speed limit signs along the high­ways had been re­moved.

The DRVN and its sub­or­di­nate agen­cies are con­tin­u­ing to ex­am­ine other road signs and would re­move road signs that con­fused a driver.

A driver, Vöông Vaên Coâng said that it was rea­son­able to re­move speed limit signs spec­i­fy­ing 25, 30 or 35 kmph along the high­ways.

The sig­nals were placed to in­form driv­ers about res­i­den­tial ar­eas or crowded ar­eas in­clud­ing any mar­kets or schools ahead. Driv­ers would usu­ally be do­ing speeds in ex­cess of 80 kmph at that point.

“The sig­nals re­mind us that we need to slow down when en­ter­ing res­i­den­tial ar­eas,” Coâng said.

But in some cases, when driv­ers got out of res­i­den­tial ar­eas, they had to drive some dis­tance to see a sig­nal that told them to re­turn to the spec­i­fied speed for that road.

“If you start speed­ing as soon as you drive out of res­i­den­tial ar­eas, you are likely to be hauled up by the po­lice,” he said.

Huyeän, from the Di­rec­torate of Roads, said that re­moval of out- dated and il­log­i­cal road signs or un­rea­son­ably- po­si­tioned ones would help driv­ers avoid such con­fus­ing sit­u­a­tions.

He said that the di­rec­torate and trans­port de­part­ments in lo­cal­i­ties across the coun­try would strengthen com­mu­ni­ca­tion to help driv­ers mas­ter traf­fic rules in­clud­ing those re­lated to speed lim­its.

The speed lim­its for ve­hi­cles and dis­tances among ve­hi­cles when trav­el­ling on roads are reg­u­lated in the Trans­port Min­istry’s Cir­cu­lar 13/ 2009/ TT- BGTVT dated in 2009. —

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Road users travel along a stretch of Na­tional High­way 51- Nhôn Traïch in south­ern Ñoàng Nai Province. All out­dated speed limit signs along high­ways na­tion­wide will be re­moved by the mid­dle of next month.

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