Drug-re­sis­tant tu­ber­cu­lo­sis cases surge in the cap­i­tal

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HAØ NOÄI — The amount of peo­ple suf­fer­ing from mul­tidrug-re­sis­tant tu­ber­cu­lo­sis (MDR TB) in Haø Noäi has spiked, ac­cord­ing to the Haø Noäi Lung Hos­pi­tal.

Back in 2011, the hos­pi­tal re­ceived about 60 pa­tients with MDR TB. This year, that num­ber has in­creased to more than 160.

The hos­pi­tal ’ s deputy direc­tor Vuõ Cao Cöông told the Kinh teá & ñoâ thò (Eco­nomic and Ur­ban) news­pa­per that each year more than 5,000 TB pa­tients were be­ing dis­cov­ered in Haø Noäi, with 80 per cent of them suf­fer­ing from pul­monary tu­ber­cu­lo­sis.

It was the main source of the dis­ease’s spread in the com­mu­nity, he said.

Mean­while, health ex- perts have at­trib­uted the surge in MDR TB cases to the pro­longed ex­po­sure of drugs to the bac­te­ria which has led to mul­tidrug-re­sis­tance.

Pa­tients were also fail­ing to strictly ad­here to pre­scribed treat­ments; ei­ther by stop­ping use of the drugs or not us­ing them in the right quan­ti­ties. Some pa­tients found they showed signs of re­cov­ery af­ter a pe­riod of us­ing the drugs, caus­ing them to stop use of the drugs, ex­perts said.

Ad­di­tion­ally, pa­tients may have be­come sus­cep­ti­ble by in­hal­ing traces of the mul­tidrug-re­sis­tant bac­te­ria from other pa­tients, caus­ing the bac­te­ria to quickly de­velop in their bod­ies.

Cöông said that TB treat­ment was ex­pen­sive and MDR TB treat­ment was much more ex­pen­sive, adding that the treat­ment could last for up to two years.

MDR TB re­quires a dif­fer­ent strand of drugs to be treated and carry a num­ber of side-ef­fects. The treat­ment would be more com­pli­cated and re­quire closer su­per­vi­sion, he said.

How­ever, TB drugs for adults and TB vac­cines for chil­dren were cur­rently avail­able free- of- charge, said Cöông, adding that pa­tients re­ceived treat­ment based on the Di­rectly Ob­served Treat­ment Short course.

By the end of this year, the coun­try could ex­pect to be us­ing a new drug to treat MDR TB pa­tients, he said. —

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