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— Res­i­dents liv­ing in Caùi Raêng District of south­ern Caàn Thô Province have had to cope with se­vere pol­lu­tion for sev­eral months while wait­ing for city au­thor­i­ties to find a so­lu­tion to treat the waste.

Nguyeãn Thò Chuoãi, a res­i­dent of Phuù Thöù Ward in Caùi Raêng District, said that in the past two months, she had seen hun­dreds of vans driv­ing into the area to dump waste ev­ery­day.

“The smell is ter­ri­ble and there are flies ev­ery­where,” she said, point­ing to six fly-catch­ers that had be­come cov­ered with flies af­ter just one hour.

“We have protested ag­gres­sively but they keep on dump­ing the waste. We can’t stand it any­more and per­haps we need to get all the res­i­dents to­gether and stop the vans from com­ing in,” she said.

Phan Vaên Saùng, who lives close to the dump­ing site, said many res­i­dents had fallen ill since the city be­gan dump­ing all of its waste in the area.

“Flies are fly­ing around our ta­bles and there are even more of them in our food,” he said.

No space for waste

Res­i­dents of the Caùi Raêng District are not the only res­i­dents, or the first to suf­fer the im­pacts of waste dump­ing. Be­fore the waste was brought to the district, it was driven to sev­eral other lo­ca­tions and ul­ti­mately af­fected res­i­dents.

Ac­cord­ing to a leader of the city’s De­part­ment of Con­struc­tion, in2004, when the for­mer Caàn Thô Province was sep­a­rated into Caàn Thô City and Haäu Giang Province, all waste from Caàn Thô City was dumped at the Taân Long waste dump in HaäuGiang Province.

Haäu Giang Province at that time in­formed Caàn Thô City au­thor­i­ties that the Taân Long waste dump would be closed by the end of 2013.

Since the clo­sure of the TaânLong site, Caàn Thô City’s au­thor­ity has strug­gled to find al­ter­na­tive places to dump the city’s waste. Ini­tially, the waste was car­ried along to Phöôùc Thôùi Ward in O Moân District in the city, at­tract­ing the furor of nearby res­i­dents.

“The au­thor­ity said they would soon build a waste treat­ment fac­tory when they started dump­ing more waste in the area. But un­til now we haven’t seen any fac­tory, just a gi­ant pile of waste that smells ter­ri­ble,” said Phöôùc Thôøi Ward res­i­dent Ñoã Vaên Ôn.

By the end of April, res­i­dents of the district had gath­ered to stop the vans from en­ter­ing the area. Flum­moxed, the city au­thor­ity then took the waste to the Hoøa Phuù site in neigh­bour­ing Vónh Long Province. Not long af­ter, Vónh Long res­i­dents took to the streets to stop the vans from en­ter­ing the dump­ing site.

Voõ Thaønh Thoáng, vice chair­man of Caàn Thô City’s Peo­ple’s Com­mit­tee, said the con­struc­tion of the waste treat­ment fac­tory would start in three months and would be com­pleted within 9 months.

Mean­while, the city au­thor­ity had or­dered the man­agers of the waste dumps to treat the pol­lu­tion so that nearby res­i­dents are not af­fected, Thoáng said. — VNS

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