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The highly con­ta­gious dis­ease of pink eye, or con­junc­tivi­tis, is spread­ing through many vil­lages in the moun­tains of the North­west.

HAØ NOÄI — Kinder­garten and pri­mary schools in north­ern prov­inces have been hit by an out­break of pink-eye dis­ease (con­junc­tivi­tis).

Ñieän Bieân Phuû City Health Cen­tre in Ñieän Bieân Prov­ince re­ported more than 350 in­fec­tions last week.

Leâ Troïng Caûnh, di­rec­tor of the Ñieän Bieân Pre­ven­tive Medicine Cen­tre, said that the dis­ease spread quickly in kinder­gartens and pri­mary schools be­cause stu­dents share face-clothes and wash­basins. One stu­dent could spread the ail­ment to an en­tire class.

Leâ added that con­junc­tivi­tis was also an air­borne dis­ease, com- pli­cat­ing con­tain­ment ef­forts.

Yeân Baùi Prov­ince re­ported an out­break on Septem­ber 3. Since then, more than 3,300 peo­ple have been af­fected in the prov­ince.

Sig­nif­i­cant out­breaks have also been re­ported in other north­ern prov­inces.

In Tuyeân Quang Prov­ince, 1,500 pa­tients sought treat­ment last week. In Ninh Bình Prov­ince, there was a 30 per cent in­crease in the dis­ease. And in Baéc Ninh Prov­ince, about 2,500 cases were re­ported in the past two weeks.

Health de­part­ments in Baéc Ninh, Haø Noäi, Laøo Cai and Ninh Bình have given res­i­dents and schools tips on how to pre­vent the spread of dis­ease.

Di­rec­tor of the Haø Noäi health depart­ment, Nguyeãn Khaéc Hieàn, asked schools to im­prove hy­giene in kitchens, bath­rooms and with class­room toys.

He said stu­dents sus­pected of hav­ing the dis­ease should be iso­lated.

Deputy di­rec­tor of the Ninh Bình Eye Hos­pi­tal, Toâ Thò Hoa, ad­vised res­i­dents to wash their hands with soap and use Natri

Clorid 0.9 per cent eye-drops. The Yeân Baùi Pre­ven­tive Medicine Cen­tre held train­ing cour­ses on con­junc­tivi­tis preven­tion and con­trol for 40 com­mune health work­ers in af­fected ar­eas. —

A doc­tor ex­am­ines a woman at the Na­tional Oph­thal­mol­ogy In­sti­tute in Haø Noäi. Kinder­garten and pri­mary schools in north­ern prov­inces have been hit by an out­break of pink- eye ( con­junc­tivi­tis). — VNA/ VNS Photo Döông Ngoïc

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