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means pri­vate and quiet.

To do some­thing means to do it bravely and know­ing that it might not even be a safe thing to do. To some­thing means to go ahead and do it.

are things you love so much that you do not mind how much time or money you spend on them.

The 23-year-old is now a stu­dent at the Univer­sity of So­cial Sci­ences and Hu­man­i­ties pur­su­ing two de­grees in and jour­nal­ism. is the study of the hu­man mind and be­hav­iour. Giang has a smile and ap­pear­ance, so it's hard to be­lieve that she is means glow­ing. means to be­lieve in your­self. means to not be able to see prop­erly, or at

all. Se­cluded Psy­chol­ogy To be Age-re­lated

mac­u­lar de­gen­er­a­tion to­tally took away her light when she was a sixth-grader. means "to do with age". with her present con­fi­dence, Giang used to be a shy girl and did not dare to speak in pub­lic. means "in a way that is the op­po­site".

"I did not study well when I at­tended a se­condary school for stu­dents like me. means "with dis­ad­van­tages" that make it dif­fi­cult or im­pos­si­ble to func­tion like peo­ple who do not have dis­ad­van­tages.

I knew any­thing about the out­side world, hav­ing no dreams or plans for the fu­ture," Giang re­calls. means "hardly".

But a meet­ing with groups of stu­dents from two Haø Noäi uni­ver­si­ties who vis­ited her school to­tally changed her on life.

To be a for money.

A is an opin­ion.

Giang de­cided to fur­ther her stud­ies at high school be­fore ap­ply­ing for a nor­mal univer­sity where she could have more friends and

In con­trast barely Barely view­point vol­un­teer view­point coura­geously ra­di­ant sight vol­un­teer means to do cer­tain jobs with­out ask­ing break out of her shell. con­fi­dent im­paired. psy­chol­ogy

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