Please, bring proof of cor­rup­tion or shut up

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Dear Edi­tor, COR­RUP­TION. cor­rup­tion, cor­rup­tion! It has al­most be­come a sig­na­ture tune for our op­po­si­tion such that all they see is cor­rup­tion from the roads that they use right into their toi­lets.

A day hardly passes with­out hear­ing one op­po­si­tion leader bark­ing about cor­rup­tion merely to ac­quire cut-rate at­ten­tion-at least so it seems.

But Pres­i­dent Lungu has made it plainly clear to all those with ev­i­dence of cor­rup­tion to put it on the ta­ble for ACC and other se­cu­rity wings of govern­ment to see and take ac­tion.

But merely to scream about cor­rup­tion daily will not help any­one.

Please bring proof oth­er­wise just rest your mandibles and let peo­ple work freely. This is one song which has bored many of us to the soul.

Who does not know how easy it is to be­come a lounger critic even when there is hardly any need?

And what is more mind-numb­ing is that the ac­cu­sa­tions are com­ing from the same pre­dictable sources who have axes to grind with the cur­rent govern­ment for rea­sons only them­selves know.

Like yes­ter­day, Dr Nev­ers Mumba, in his choice news­pa­per (MAST) claims that Pres­i­dent Lungu is in the driv­ing seat of cor­rup­tion.

Surely ba pas­tor? If you are truly a man of God what does the Bi­ble tell you about judg­ing oth­ers?

Of­ten times it is peo­ple with logs in their eyes who are quick to jump to wrong de­ci­sions and be­gin to point at logs in other peo­ple’s eyes so that they can se­curely con­ceal their skele­tons in the cup­boards.

Don’t they say that the best form of de­fence is to at­tack? This ex­plains why many of our so-called op­po­si­tion lead­ers just love to at­tack those in govern­ment so that they can carry on with their cor­rup­tion ac­tiv­i­ties in se­crecy. And it can be any­where in­clud­ing the church.

It is this kind of work by our op­po­si­tion which is mak­ing them to­tally im­ma­te­rial to the coun­try.

I am sure even when they re­tire to their beds, it is cor­rup­tion they dream of and the peo­ple who to ac­cuse.

Please, once again and in the name of Holy Moses, if you do not have proof of cor­rup­tion rest your lips. It is no longer news. You are sim­ply bor­ing us.

Josiah Soko, Sal­ima Road,

Matero in Lusaka.

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