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2N( of =amEia’s most celeErated vet­eran free­dom fiJhters, &hiEesa .anNasa fondly Nnown as ¶Mama .anNasa’, has died in -ohan­nesEXrJ 6oXth $frica af­ter an ill­ness. 6he was . &hief *overn­ment sSoNesSer­son 'ora 6iliya said *overn­ment was Jreatly sad­dened Ey the Sass­inJ on of Mama .anNasa, Pa­tri­otic )ront sec­re­tary Jen­eral 'avis Mwila said the rXlinJ Sarty re­ceived the news of Mama .anNasas’ death with e[treme shocN and Sro­foXnd sad­ness, es­Se­cially that her demise was only a few days af­ter =amEia celeErated its th ,ndeSen­dence day ² a day whose oriJins and caXse she siJnif­i­cantly con­triEXted to. Ms 6iliya said =amEia woXld al­ways aSSre­ci­ate the role Ms .anNasa Slayed Ee­fore and af­ter in­deSen­dence and woXld Ee for­ever in­deEted to her ser­vices. 6he said Mama .anNasa was not only a yoXnJ fe­male free­dom fiJhter when =amEia foXJht for in­deSen­dence, EXt was a charis­matic fiJhter for the riJhts of women and chil­dren. Mama .anNasa was the first fe­male memEer of the &en­tral &om­mit­tee and chairSer­son of the :omen’s LeaJXe of the then rXlinJ Sarty who of­fered dis­tinJXished ser­vice to her Sarty 8N,P and was an icon to many yoXnJ fe­male Soliti­cians, Ms 6iliya said. 6he said Mama .anNasa worNed with for­mer first lady %etty .aXnda and Ms -Xlia &hiNa­moneNa dXrinJ the free­dom strXJJle and was the first =amEian +iJh &om­mis­sioner to .enya af­ter in­deSen­dence. ´Mama .anNasa died yes­ter­day at hoXrs in $vr­wyS +os­Si­tal in -ohan­nesEXrJ, 6oXth $frica where she had Eeen re­ceiv­inJ treat­ment af­ter EeinJ evacXated there on 2ctoEer , . *overn­ment will an­noXnce the dates for reSa­tri­a­tion of the re­mains of the 8N,P stal­wart and fXn­eral ar­ranJe­ments in dXe coXrse,µ Ms 6iliya said. $nd Mr Mwila said the late Mama .anNasa was one of the siJnif­i­cant fireErands of =amEia’s in­deSen­dence strXJJle and a ma­tri­arch whose wise coXnsel and en­coXraJinJ de­meanor shall Ee missed. Mama .anNasa was Eorn on March and Moined Sol­i­tics at a ten­der aJe of . 6he mar­ried Mr Ti­mothy .anNasa in and went on to Ee­come one of the most Nnown fe­male Soliti­cians in =amEia.

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