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Isa­iah 65:23

“They shall not labour in vain, nor bring forth chil­dren for trou­ble; for they shall be the descen­dants of the blessed of the Lord, And their off­spring with them.”

In pre­vi­ous de­vo­tions, I have writ­ten about giv­ing up on life when it’s not yet time. I have al­ways said one needs to fight to suc­ceed in this life. My per­cep­tions were re­in­forced this morn­ing when I gave an el­derly man a lift in my car.

The old man thanked me for stop­ping to pick him up, he told me he was seventy-eight years old and in the twi­light of his life, “I am on the fi­nal leg of my life, I have lived a full life, young man” he kept telling me.

He then went on to tell me that he had dis­cov­ered a spring in his back­yard that con­tin­u­ally re­leases wa­ter re­gard­less of the sea­son. This is what he said;

“Young man this is my chance to be­come very rich, I am on my way to the wa­ter au­thor­ity to get a cer­tifi­cate to de­ter­mine whether the wa­ter be­ing pro­duced at my place of res­i­dence can be bot­tled and sold to the public as pure spring wa­ter. I have told my faith­ful old lady that we are just about to come into some se­ri­ous money and be­fore we die we are go­ing to spend it silly. Our lives will never be the same again. So I am run­ning around to en­sure that the project be­comes a re­al­ity.”

I was in­trigued by his en­thu­si­asm and his de­sire to suc­ceed by en­sur­ing that his project works out and he be­gins to earn money from it. He may be old but he still ex­hibits pas­sion and drive, which many a young per­son has lost.

Suc­cess in life, to a cer­tain ex­tent, is based on the op­por­tu­ni­ties that are pre­sented to you. What you de­cide to do with them is your choice, you can sit back and list the rea­sons why they can­not be at­tained or you can em­brace life fully, ex­hibit faith and try by all means to suc­ceed.

It’s easy to find rea­sons why this or that can­not be done, but some­times you must think be­yond what you see and have faith that the doors that are closed will open and lead you to some­thing mean­ing­ful.

Gideon was asked to choose sol­diers from a very large com­pli­ment; he had an im­pend­ing bat­tle with a formidable foe. He was asked to choose sol­diers who had the wis­dom to cup their hands and draw wa­ter when drink­ing from the river.

The vast ma­jor­ity of the en­listed sol­dier would rush to the river and dip their en­tire faces into the wa­ter, for­get­ting that they still needed to be con­scious of the en­emy around them.

From the en­tire city, only three hun­dred sol­diers cupped their hands and they be­came the rem­nant army that de­feated the en­emy.

Life is a bit like that; wher­ever you are, you have to be con­scious of all the el­e­ments around you, you need to know when to fully im­merse your­self into the wa­ter and when to cup your hands.

Op­por­tu­ni­ties come up ev­ery­where, they come in all man­ner of shapes and sizes. You have to pray for en­light­en­ment in or­der to fol­low and pur­sue the things that are be­fore you. Pray for guid­ance and good for­tune but start the process by em­brac­ing life fully and al­ways try­ing your best.

Yes things may be tough, yes you may be in trou­ble but like the old man you still have life in you. En­joy the mo­ments you still have. Make a con­scious ef­fort to never stop try­ing. Suc­cess is God’s will for your life.

Be blessed

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