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He­brews 13:5

“Let your con­duct be with­out cov­etous­ness; be con­tent with such things as you have. For He Him­self has said, “I will never leave you nor for­sake you.”

I have of­ten won­dered what causes per­fectly good so­cial re­la­tion­ships to break down, to de­gen­er­ate to a point where peo­ple who used to smile, laugh to­gether, and share mem­o­ries be­come arch en­e­mies.

I have been think­ing about it of late as I have seen too many re­la­tion­ships break down. Peo­ple who used to be the best of friends even­tu­ally turn out to be the great­est foes un­der the sun. I think we can all re­late to cir­cum­stances like this where peo­ple who used to be so close to us have be­come dis­tant, de­tached and hos­tile.

A few days ago I asked some­one I know how his friend was do­ing, his an­swer took me by sur­prise, “I don’t talk to that per­son any­more, he has an evil heart.” he said. These are peo­ple who had grown up to­gether, peo­ple who were the best of bud­dies at the best and worst of times. What could have led to this sud­den break­down? Years in­vested had, at the stroke of a sigh, all been lost.

Last week one of my read­ers re­sponded and wrote back to me say­ing; ‘the state of be­ing jeal­ous is a prob­lem and it is one of the worst banes to in­flict a per­son.’ It can change a hu­man be­ing from be­ing lov­ing one minute to be­ing evil the next.

I have never quite un­der­stood what drives peo­ple to feel that way, is it be­cause of what the next per­son has that they feel they should not have? Is that what causes the other per­son to go to the ex­tent of ac­tu­ally wish­ing them ill in ev­ery re­spect? A jeal­ous streak is one of the great­est weak­nesses a per­son can ever have. This spirit is so over­whelm­ing and it can cause much harm if un­re­strained.

Ev­ery day we are ei­ther re­cip­i­ents of this neg­a­tive emo­tion or par­tic­i­pants in it. It could be your brother, your sis­ter, work mate or rel­a­tive, we can all re­late to a sit­u­a­tion like that. We must there­fore pray with­out ceas­ing that this af­flic­tion be lifted from our hearts. Unchecked, it can cause such dev­as­tat­ing ef­fects to a point where, by the time one re­gains their senses they will have caused so much dam­age that it can­not be un­done.

Let’s all seek to be dif­fer­ent in how we ap­proach this de­struc­tive hu­man emo­tion. Are you an ac­tive player in this realm? Ask the Lord to free you from the bondage of this curse. Let’s all seek to share pos­i­tiv­ity rather than spew neg­a­tiv­ity and hate that ends up be­ing an un­con­trol­lable can­cer in our lives. Let’s make the lives of oth­ers eas­ier rather than dif­fi­cult just be­cause we do not want them to be ahead of us.

The Fa­ther has pre­pared a feast for each of us, the jour­ney to that feast may dif­fer but His bless­ings re­main a con­stant that we can hold on to. Don’t be dis­tracted by the next per­son and what they have, rather firmly hold on to your own prom­ise and al­low the Lord to man­i­fest that which He has pledged to­wards you.

Be Blessed.

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