Let’s de­sist from vi­o­lent protests

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PRES­I­DENT Mu­gabe has called for unity and peace among Zim­bab­weans, say­ing vi­o­lent protest be­ing engi­neered by op­po­si­tion par­ties and shad­owy groups to sub­vert the Gov­ern­ment would fail. Ad­dress­ing thou­sands of peo­ple gath­ered at the Na­tional Heroes’ Acre to cel­e­brate Heroes’ Day, Pres­i­dent Mu­gabe said a con­sti­tu­tion­al­ly­elected Gov­ern­ment could only be re­moved through demo­cratic elec­tions not Arab spring type of protests. He said while it was ev­ery­one’s con­sti­tu­tional right to hold demon­stra­tions, they should be done in a peace­ful man­ner. “Let us re­main united in de­fence of our sovereignty, in de­fence of what our na­tional heroes fought for,” Pres­i­dent Mu­gabe said.

“We should re­main united, re­main cog­nisant of the fact that with­out unity we can­not make much progress. There will be di­vi­sions, quar­relling, fight­ing, vi­o­lence and that is why things like protests don’t pay be­cause usu­ally they end up be­ing vi­o­lent protests. What ben­e­fit do you de­rive from con­duct­ing street protests only to show that you are vi­o­lent? We don’t want that!”

He added: “If it is a po­lice sanc­tioned demon­stra­tion, let it be done in a peace­ful man­ner. If it is a po­lit­i­cal party seek­ing rel­e­vance and recog­ni­tion, it is al­lowed but for them to stone peo­ple and prop­erty, it is not al­lowed. We don’t want that vi­o­lence.

“Join­ing hands to fo­ment chaos to ef­fect regime change as is be­ing done in some Arab coun­tries will never be tol­er­ated. Why not wait for elec­tions. You don’t want to wait for them. But that’s democ­racy! I heard Ts­van­gi­rai call­ing for a coali­tion to stage protests to top­ple the Gov­ern­ment. That shows that the op­po­si­tion have no con­fi­dence in their own elec­toral chances against Zanu-PF”.

Pres­i­dent Mu­gabe’s re­marks came in the wake of vi­o­lent demon­stra­tions be­ing or­gan­ised by shad­owy groups such as Ta­ja­muka/Se­si­jik­ile and #This Flag fronted by Pas­tor Evan Mawarire The groups have been on a cru­sade to fo­ment an up­ris­ing against the Gov­ern­ment us­ing so­cial me­dia plat­forms such as What­sApp, Face­book and Twit­ter to spread sub­ver­sive mes­sages den­i­grat­ing Pres­i­dent Mu­gabe and call­ing for street protests.

It has also since emerged that the em­bassies of France, the United States and Bri­tain are heav­ily in­volved in co­or­di­nat­ing the anti-Gov­ern­ment move­ment by pro­vid­ing lo­gis­ti­cal and fi­nan­cial sup­port.

The Arab Spring up­ris­ings were spon­sored by the West to top­ple Gov­ern­ments which did not tow their line in coun­tries such as Tu­nisia, Syria, Egypt and Libya. How­ever, chaos reigns to this day in those states where the US and its al­lies sought to in­stall pup­pet regimes.

Libya is a chaotic law­less jun­gle where rag tag mili­tias roam the coun­try­side. It is a pale shadow of its for­mer or­derly state where cit­i­zens lived a pros­per­ous life un­der their late leader Muam­mar Gaddafi.

Tu­nisia is also not sta­ble while Syria is en­gulfed in a never end­ing war and is a bas­tion of Mus­lim ex­trem­ism with ISIS estab­lish­ing it­self firmly in that coun­try.

The Arab Springs are there­fore a per­fect ex­am­ple of the chaos and law­less­ness which vis­its na­tions that un­seat demo­crat­i­cally elected Gov­ern­ments and re­place them with pli­ant and will­ing tools of the West.

Democ­racy can never be foisted on a peo­ple and na­tions should be al­lowed to de­ter­mine their own in­ter­nal elec­toral pro­cesses. Zim­babwe is a con­sti­tu­tional democ­racy and has held elec­tions when­ever they are due and with­out fail since in­de­pen­dence in 1980.

De­spite sev­eral at­tempts to top­ple the Gov­ern­ment, the var­i­ous arms of State have stood firm and valiantly de­fended the flag and the con­sti­tu­tion of Zim­babwe. For that we tip our hats to them and urge them to con­tinue pro­tect­ing this coun­try from its en­e­mies. Pres­i­dent Mu­gabe on Mon­day com­mended the coun­try’s se­cu­rity sec­tors for main­tain­ing law and or­der.

“When all is said and done, what is im­por­tant is in our cir­cum­stances we have peace, law and or­der and we praise our se­cu­rity forces for that,” he said.

“We praise them for the calm there has been, the peace there has been but we praise them also for ful­fill­ing in­ter­na­tional obli­ga­tions by sub­scrib­ing mem­bers to both re­gional and in­ter­na­tional peace sup­port op­er­a­tions. Thus, un­der the aus­pices of Sadc, African Union and United Na­tions our se­cu­rity forces con­tinue to raise the Zim­bab­wean flag high.” We also ap­plaud the coun­try’s se­cu­rity arms for dili­gently main­tain­ing peace in Zim­babwe de­spite their pa­tience and re­solve be­ing stretched to the limit by sub­ver­sive el­e­ments.

We urge them to stay true to the ideals of the lib­er­a­tion strug­gle and en­sure that the ter­ri­to­rial in­tegrity and sovereignty of Zim­babwe is pro­tected at all costs.

The coun­try faces a new threat in the form of cy­ber ter­ror­ism and our se­cu­rity ap­pa­ra­tus should be alive to this devel­op­ment and de­vise strate­gies of neu­tral­is­ing this form of ag­gres­sion.

We also call on Zim­bab­weans to heed the Pres­i­dent’s call for unity and peace and not al­low for­eign­ers to push them to burn down their own coun­try.

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