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A FRIEND of mine is go­ing through a re­ally trau­matic time at the mo­ment. One of her chil­dren has gone tru­ant and de­clared in­de­pen­dence. To the trou­bled mother the pain of a child whose ac­tions can­not be un­der­stood is heart­break­ing

When she thinks of the years she in­vested in lov­ing, rais­ing, car­ing, nur­tur­ing, teach­ing and sac­ri­fic­ing for the child she just can­not un­der­stand how he could turn out this way. Chil­dren can bring so much joy yet in the same mea­sure bring so much pain when they de­part from the ways that they have been taught.

Ev­ery par­ent dreams of a pic­ture per­fect ar­range­ment with their chil­dren, with the end re­sult be­ing ma­tu­rity, in­de­pen­dence and suc­cess for them. It is the wish of ev­ery par­ent that their child be the epit­ome of good­ness, a well brought-up, well-man­nered per­son who ev­ery­body is proud to as­so­ciate with.

Very of­ten what we de­sire and what ends up be­ing our re­al­ity are two dif­fer­ent things. The ques­tion then be­comes: what do we do when we are con­fronted with a script that’s gone astray, a child that’s gone wild and whose ac­tions can no longer be con­trolled?

It is some­times eas­ier to play out all the things we did or did not do. Par­ents tend to blame them­selves won­der­ing if they ex­pressed their love too much or if they did not do it enough. They go through an end­less list of pos­si­ble rea­sons why the child is be­hav­ing that way.

In our quest to find an­swers and to un­der­stand the cir­cum­stances the emo­tional toil is too much to bear. We all want things to work out and when they don’t, the pain of the fail­ure be­fore us can be heart wrench­ing.

Are you deal­ing with a child or a re­la­tion­ship that has gone astray? It is eas­ier to find hu­man so­lu­tions to try to solve the things that may be be­fore us. What we of­ten for­get is that when you are con­fronted by heart­break you are left with only one source of so­lace, our maker up above.

Though we may wres­tle with the rea­sons why He al­lowed some­thing to hap­pen, the re­al­ity is that God is the only one with the abil­ity to mend things that are not what they should be.

In our mo­ments of dis­tress we should call on His name, lis­ten to His voice and al­low Him to give di­rec­tion to the is­sues at play. Some­times the pain can go on and on for a while with­out a clear end in sight, He may ap­pear dis­tant and far away. You may even be­lieve that your prayers around the mat­ter are not be­ing an­swered but do not give up.

In His per­fect time He will make right the things that bring pain to each one of us, it could be a child, a re­la­tion­ship or dis­ap­point­ment; He has a way of sooth­ing the pain and help­ing us over­come the ob­sta­cles.

As we go through a painful ex­pe­ri­ence, the prayer be­comes “Lord when will this end?” In his or­dained time the tears will stop, the pain will go away and all the things that have sought to hurt and in­jure will be a dis­tant mem­ory.

Where ever you may find your­self, be as­sured that He will make all things right, and that child or that friend will be the per­son we want them to be, the pain is only for a sea­son. Be blessed

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