Nde­bele King­dom on agenda as re­gional monar­chs meet

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THE Khu­malo clan, who are de­scen­dants of King Loben­gula, are in con­sul­ta­tion with other Nguni monar­chs on ways to re­vive the Nde­bele State.

The re­vival of the Nde­bele king­dom has stirred con­tro­versy with some peo­ple claim­ing heir­ship to the throne with­out royal roots. Mem­bers of the royal fam­ily have said they are work­ing with re­gional monar­chs who have sim­i­lar tra­di­tions to re­vive the Nde­bele monarch.

Yes­ter­day, Nguni monar­chs from across South­ern Africa con­verged in Malawi for a three-day event to dis­cuss is­sues re­lated to cul­ture and cli­mate change.

The event named Um­thetho is hosted by Inkosi ya Makhosi M’mbelwa of Ngo­nis and seeks to bring to­gether Nguni monar­chs who were forced into mi­gra­tion in the 1800s due to Mfe­cane.

Mfe­cane was caused by short­age of land and re­sources in what is now called South Africa re­sult­ing in eth­nic wars which saw weaker groups mi­grat­ing north.

This re­sulted in groups led by King Mzi­likazi mov­ing and set­tling in Zim­babwe where he formed the Nde­bele State while other groups moved fur­ther north.

The event is be­ing graced by monar­chs from South Africa, Malawi, Zam­bia and Tan­za­nia among other coun­tries which were oc­cu­pied by Nguni groups.

King Loben­gula Royal Fam­ily’s Trust spokesper­son Prince Zwide Khu­malo has also been in­vited to the event.

He said the gath­er­ing of the Ngu­nis was im­por­tant as it would help them map the way for­ward in the re­vival of the Nde­bele monarch.

“This in­vi­ta­tion has great lessons for UMth­wakazi as we get to the apex of re­viv­ing our Nde­bele monarch. It pro­vides the in­ter­na­tional ex­po­sure that the house that will be lead­ing in the monarch struc­ture, King Loben­gula’s, needs to have,” said Mr Khu­malo. “Whilst the house with the heir to the throne has been iden­ti­fied and there are many princes to choose a king from, this in­ter­ac­tion with other Nguni monar­chs will as­sist in craft­ing our monarch struc­ture which will be crit­i­cal as it will de­ter­mine the roles re­quired.”

He said as plans for the re­vival of the Nde­bele monarch gather mo­men­tum, those from the royal fam­ily are con­sult­ing on the best way to set up struc­tures. “Tra­di­tional lead­er­ship is pil­lared on con­sul­ta­tion, ac­count­abil­ity, the col­lec­tive ethic and in­spi­ra­tion of the peo­ple. All th­ese are lessons for us to learn from a gath­er­ing such as Um­thetho which I am at­tend­ing in Malawi,” Mr Khu­malo said.

He said the event was sig­nif­i­cant as it marks the com­ing to­gether of Nguni peo­ple whose re­lated an­ces­tors were sep­a­rated due to Umfe­cane mi­gra­tions of the early 1800s.

Mr Khu­malo said the Nguni tribes still share a lot of tra­di­tions al­though some groups have lost the Nguni lan­guage due to in­ter­mar­riages.

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