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Proverbs 11:24-25 NKJV

“There is one who scat­ters, yet in­creases more; And there is one who with­holds more than is right, But it leads to poverty. The gen­er­ous soul will be made rich, And he who wa­ters will also be wa­tered him­self.”

One of the eas­i­est things to do is to re­ceive. The av­er­age per­son is al­ways in a state of tur­moil, this con­stant frenzy of de­pri­va­tion has cre­ated a men­tal con­di­tion in which we al­ways be­lieve we are vic­tims. We have con­vinced our­selves that we are vic­tims of the un­fair­ness of life and that makes it al­most im­pos­si­ble to see and think pos­i­tively.

Our hu­man con­di­tion is al­ways pro­pel­ling us to think, “what is in it for me?”. This con­stant de­sire to ac­quire, cou­pled with an in­sa­tiable ap­petite for things, has cre­ated mon­sters in us. So­ci­ety con­tin­u­ously urges us to be net con­sumers who al­ways want to have the best and the new­est.

The world is a build­ing frenzy around the con­struc­tion of shop­ping malls and mar­keters are con­tin­u­ously rein­vent­ing their pack­ag­ing and sell­ing skills to sat­isfy a hun­gry so­ci­ety that can­not get enough. As hu­man be­ings we al­ways want, we seek em­ploy­ment and are em­ployed to en­able us to have the means to ac­quire things.

I watched the news re­cently and it re­ported on a prod­uct that was to be launched. The pre­vi­ous four edi­tions had been a ru­n­away suc­cess. The lat­est ver­sion was due to be re­leased in a mat­ter of days to the global shop­ping net­work. In its first coun­try of re­lease peo­ple had al­ready be­gun to camp out­side of the flag­ship shops in an­tic­i­pa­tion of the sale of the new­est ver­sion. Some had been sleep­ing out­side the des­ig­nated shops for days and, as the sale day ap­proached in­ter­ested cus­tomers formed long queues that stretched for miles to buy this prod­uct.

The de­sire to have was greater than any other de­sire, noth­ing else mat­tered more than hav­ing that gad­get. This pretty much sums up our hu­man con­di­tion, we will go to any length to ac­quire the things we de­sire, and at that mo­ment all the ob­sta­cles we nor­mally con­jure in our heads dis­ap­pear. Our de­sire pro­pels us.

In the same man­ner that we can go to any length to get the things we want, we must stop to re­flect and ask our­selves what lengths we will go to in an effort to self­lessly give to oth­ers to make their lives bet­ter. We are so con­sumed by the “Me, my­self and I” syn­drome that at times we for­get that we are our broth­ers’ keeper. Our thoughts and ac­tions should not just be cen­tred on what we can get but rather on how we can give the lit­tle that we have to help oth­ers.

To whom much has been given, much is ex­pected. In the same man­ner in which we have proven that the de­sire to sat­isfy self can be a tool for de­vel­op­ment and ac­qui­si­tion let’s use this in­ter­nal mech­a­nism to take time and ask our­selves how we can make things bet­ter for the next per­son. Let’s be­gin to think about all the peo­ple in our sphere of in­flu­ence and take tan­gi­ble steps to em­pathise with them.

Giv­ing is not only about money, gifts or tan­gi­ble things, it’s about a state of mind that wants to do good. It starts with lit­tle things like de­vot­ing time and lis­ten­ing and then de­vel­ops to prac­ti­cal things that can be done to up­lift oth­ers. As He has freely given us the gifts that make us the peo­ple we are, we too must freely give of our­selves and our re­sources to oth­ers as a tes­ta­ment of the Lord’s good­ness to us.

My prayer to­day is that we may be given the heart of lambs, may our eyes be opened to see the plight of oth­ers. May we be a gift that up­lifts and makes the cir­cum­stances bet­ter for the peo­ple in our sphere and be­yond. Give a gift to­day, learn to give al­ways.

For as we pray con­stantly seek­ing our Maker, He is watch­ing to see whether we are an­swer­ing the prayers of oth­ers by be­ing his agents of good on earth.

Make a dif­fer­ence to­day.

Be blessed

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