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Acts 10 vs 36

“You know the mes­sage God sent to the peo­ple of Is­rael, an­nounc­ing the good news of peace through Je­sus Christ, who is Lord of all”

I think one of the big­gest things that we all seek is peace, the abil­ity to be calm in the midst of what­ever may be oc­cur­ring in our lives. We of­ten won­der why this goal is elu­sive, why we can­not find peace.

A friend of mine de­scribed the state of the things that sur­round us as noise, I had never thought of it like that. If you think about it, we are all dis­tracted by the dif­fer­ent noises that make up our lives. The louder this noise, the greater the dif­fi­cul­ties amass upon us. What are all the things that are buzzing in your head, how do these things dis­tract and trou­ble you?

We all face all sorts of things that come our way, some of them can be stress­ful or hurt­ful while oth­ers can bring us joy. What we should fig­ure out is how to nav­i­gate our way out of the stress­ful mo­ments to get to a place of peace.

I was told a story about some­one who was sent to jail after he was found guilty of some mis­de­meanour or the other. Prior to his in­car­cer­a­tion he made fran­tic phone calls to all who could as­sist him in his quest to avoid his im­pend­ing fate.

Fi­nally, it came to a point where no one could as­sist him and he had to be placed in the jail cell. As he sat there fright­ened and con­fused in the midst of a sea of other con­victs, he de­cided to pray to God for strength.

Soon after he prayed he felt calm, he felt peace come over him. He could not quite un­der­stand but all the fear was gone be­cause he had placed his life in the hands of the Lord.

After that, de­spite the un­com­fort­able con­di­tions, he slept through the night. We all some­times find our­selves in places that make us lose our peace, places that leave us fright­ened and scared, where we do not know what will hap­pen to­mor­row.

The truth how­ever is that if you firmly yoke your­self to the power source of life, if you re­main con­nected to God, if you choose to lis­ten to Him, to hear Him and to find Him, you too can get to a place where all the loud noises sur­round­ing you be­come silent and peace pre­vails.

Bad things will al­ways hap­pen but amidst these storms you will find a place of com­fort, rest and per­fect peace. The knowl­edge of God can bring this state of be­ing.

Let us all seek to find the Lord and through His word the di­rec­tion for our lives will be­come clearer. The choices that we make will be guided and more im­por­tantly our hearts will be set­tled when we find Him.

The knowl­edge of Him and His ways will bring each one of us to this per­fect state of men­tal be­ing. His peace is avail­able to you if you just tap into the source of power that will si­lence the noise.

Be blessed

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